Say Hello to Harmony


We invite you to EXPERIENCE our new healing arts center in Liberty Township. 

DISCOVER yourself in a yoga class.  IGNITE YOUR HEART in our student or adult dance program.  EXPAND your skills in a workshop. EXPLORE our holistic healing services. 

Our approach is to INSPIRE, TEACH and UPLIFT our clients and students by addressing the whole person - BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

We are here to help you achieve a STATE OF BEING in HARMONY.   


Move Beautifully. Find Balance. Build Strength.

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Harmony Dance

Ignite your heart

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Harmony Dance offers dance training with a FOUNDATION in ballet and contemporary for students age 2.5-18 (beginner to pre-professional).  

Our class sizes are small so that our team of EXPERIENCED instructors can give personalized coaching to each student.  We also use a holistic approach that incorporates a "WHOLE DANCER” teaching methodology that aims to bring out the best in each student.    

We incorporate a MIND-BODY curriculum teaching fundamentals of anatomy, health, nutrition, dancer safety, self-esteem and a healthy self-image for lifelong benefits whatever professional path is chosen.

We offer many performance opportunities and our small class sizes allow for ample stage time.  Choose from 3 tracks based on the student's interest and commitment levels: HARMONY CORE,  UNITY DANCE CREW and HARMONY SOLE DANCE COMPANY.

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Adult classes are also offered at Harmony Dance and include ballet, barre and conditioning, ageless dance and more!

Harmony Yoga

Discover Yourself

Harmony Yoga offers several styles of yoga with a focus on restoring your body to BALANCE and health giving you the ENERGY to live life fully and with ENJOYMENT

Our nationally certified yoga teachers use an integrated "WHOLE BE-ING" approach that not only RELAXES the mind and body, but also builds flexibility, muscle strength, muscle tone, stamina, cardiovascular fitness, improved mental clarity and detoxifies the body of impurities and ailments.

All of our participants can incorporate the POSITIVE mental attitudes, LOVING KINDNESS and INNER CONNECTEDNESS between body, mind and spirit of yoga into their daily lives and/or individual religious beliefs.  For some, yoga is and always may be a PHYSICAL FORM OF EXERCISE.  For others it deepens their INNER CONNECTION.  If either perspective serves the individual in a positive way, there is a benefit to yoga practice.

Join us to experience HARMONY THROUGH YOGA for yourself.  Choose from a wide variety of hot and traditional class options - Unity, Open Heart, Funky Flow, Power and Peace, Strength, Gentle, Joy and more.  

An introductory class is only $10!

Harmony Healing

Explore Holistic Healing

Harmony Healing offers a variety of mind-body healing services by talented practitioners including hypnotherapy, reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, alexander technique, aromatherapy and more. 

Our unique REVIVE INTEGRATED SERIES is a holistic and customized program of self-care to help you recover from illness, surgery, high stress, exhaustion, anxiety, pain and many chronic ailments.

We are pleased to offer the HYPERVIBE whole body vibration therapy - the easiest, safest & most practical way to maintain bone strength, accelerate fitness/weight loss goals & relieve painful joints and muscles.  Hypervibe sessions are only $30 for 30 minutes everyday.

Harmony Workshops

Expand Your Skills

Harmony is pleased to host a variety of workshops from both our own KNOWLEDGEABLE Harmony team and special guest instructors.

We host "New to Yoga" workshops catering to those who are new to yoga and would like a JUMP START on the poses, terminology and philosophy behind the practice.  We also offer a series of yoga and meditation workshops that dive deeper into a variety of topic areas. 

Harmony Dance hosts summer workshops and in season clinics to learn and ENHANCE skills and go deeper into the core techniques and learn choreography. 

Check the workshop pages for a full list.

Harmonizing the Body, Mind and Spirit


Our team of instructors and staff are highly-trained, experienced, GENUINE and UPLIFTING.  Our body, mind and spirit approach integrates several schools of thought to address the "WHOLE BE-ING" for all our students and clients.

Our dance program offers individual and personal coaching like no other program in the area.  Our new and modern studios have a best-in-class floating floor made from renewable bamboo that rests on a high-density foam system created specifically for COMFORT and injury prevention.

A core tenet of Harmony Healing Arts is to serve the community.  We have offerings such as the ELEVATE program that donates a free yoga class a week for those battling cancer, MS and other chronic diseases.  Our OPEN HEART SCHOLARSHIP FUND offers dance tuition and shoes to students in need, and our UNITY DANCE CREW serves the community through dance performance.



Thank you Harmony for another amazing class! These instructor are also educators. They are not just going through the motions they take the time with each individual and explain about the movement why your doing the movement and the benefits of that movement!!! Blessing and much gratitude for the work you do!
— Frani J.